Fduke.jar is a launcher in Java work in Windows and Linux

This small Fduke.jar launcher is a applicator to play Duke3D (Eduke32 and Fduke32 with Fduke32 you can run in Windows or run 100% in Linux dont need wine). both Eduke32 oldMP and Fduke32 support some Mods Tested with: (Platoon v1.1B. Platoon Remake, Command&Conquer TC and AWOL) in multiplayer on Internet. The Fduke.jar is a complete launcher with Master Server, Chat Private and Public, Transfer map file, Host Mode, Join Mode and Single Player with Bots, Checksum to files .EXE and .GRP to avoid different version or cheater. To run just put in same duke nukem port folder and click in Fduke.jar ou if you use Linux open and execute in a terminal: java -jar Fduke.jar (to run need java installed java version 1.7 or above ) to get a map just set to Join mode and Host can send map to Join click in in Publish button. Can work in 3 mode “Host”, “Join” and “Single Player” can enabled Bots box to play with bots up to 8 bots, work in Operating system Windows and Linux if you have Eduke32.exe ou Fduke32.exe you can run it using wine in Linux or 100% Linux if you have Fduke32, this file are include in Fduke32 download. To play over Internet as Host a game you need a port forward, by Default Eduke32.exe and Fduke32.exe work in 23513 UDP but you can change it from 1025 up to 65535 in mode Host after Host Publish change it to same port in Join mode players, as Join Mode you dont need any portforward to play.

To Host a game just select “Create a Room” set number of Players (default=2 and max 8 Players) and click in “Publish” this send to players as join the map and IP from host, this is all you need, than Click in Start button and game port open waiting client, when all players numbers join start immediately.  

  Fduke.jar (123,6 KiB, 255 hits)

you can Play online using the game port of duke nukem bellow:

To Download Platoon Remake http://www.duke.nukem.com.br/?p=668

To Download Platoon v1.1B http://www.duke.nukem.com.br/?p=560

To Download Fduke32 for Windows e Linux http://www.duke.nukem.com.br/?p=19

Eduke32 oldmp 

  EDuke32.zip (18,6 MiB, 15 hits)

To Download AWOL http://www.duke.nukem.com.br/?p=451

To Download Command and Conquer TC http://www.duke.nukem.com.br/?p=460



f1 f2 f3f4 f5




Playing with 8 Bots





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FDuke32 for Windows and Linux

FDuke32 is a new Duke3D multiplayer (based in eduke32) port for Linux native “Fduke32”, and for Windows “Fduke32.exe”. In this ZIP file bellow Download for Windows and Linux. 

  fduke32.zip (19,4 MiB, 87 hits)

To run in Linux open a Terminal command and give executable permission (show the screen bellow) #chmod +x Fduke32 and execute using #./Fduke32 or if you want play over Internet with others Player up to 8 online, Download Fduke file to run in multiplayer. 

  Fduke.jar (123,6 KiB, 255 hits)



fduke32 linux ubuntu

fduke linux ubuntu

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Eduke32 Premium MOD

Eduke32 premium Mod, look like good, a lot of new episode.

  premium.zip (18,3 MiB, 2 hits)


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64PainKiller working with Eduke32 online using Fduke.jar

Painkiller by Duke64Nukem http://www.scent-88.com/reviews/P/paink/paink.php

A graveyard and mausoleum styled map.
The level is solidly constructed with good architecture and detailing. There are all kinds of headstones, fencing, foliage, half-dug graves, tombs, and a church complete with a service chapel. Even with all this filling and decoration none of it is a major hindrance to movement or combat.
The map is pretty dim and gloomy with all kinds of ambient sounds and a nice stormy atmosphere. Even in the darkness the pick-ups and supplies are fairly easy to see, but the semi-transparent enemies can be a bit camouflaged until they’re fairly near or start shooting. It isn’t much of a problem until down inside the last burial chamber where it’s extra-dark and the aliens can really catch the player off-guard unless they use the provided night vision goggles.

The premise of the game is a card hunt and a couple buttons. Since the map is pretty linear there’s not too much difficulty in finding and acquired the progression items.
Combat consists of clearing the path of aliens sitting in ambush or waiting in small hordes guarding primary locations. What little backtracking there is comes with some respawns to keep the fire fights fairly constant, so there’s hardly a lull in the action.
Ammunition is a bit stingy at first, but gets a little more abundant as the level goes on. Also the variety of weapons increases the deeper into the map the player delves.

Working in multiplayer using Eduke32 oldMP as launcher Fduke.jar work in Dukematch and Co-op, all include in Download except Fduke.jar http://www.duke.nukem.com.br/?p=503 you have download and put in same 64PaintKiller folder. 

  64PainKiller.zip (21,3 MiB, 5 hits)


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Duke Forces is a total conversion of Duke Nukem 3D

Duke Forces is a total conversion of Duke Nukem 3D which runs on the EDuke32 platform. This readme file contains some simple instructions for getting the game started. Credits and other information about the game can be seen within the game.

Run EDuke32.exe to start game, the included Eduke32.exe is for 64-bit Windows systems.


If you try to play Duke Forces in an 8-bit graphics mode, then you will get a pop-up screen in-game explaining that Duke Forces requires a 32-bit graphics mode to work. This is true. Select a 32-bit graphics mode (the Polymer renderer is recommended). 

  DukeForces.zip (223,1 MiB, 7 hits)

duke0000 duke0006 duke0012duke0013duke0014 duke0015duke0018duke0027 duke0032

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Duke3d + Platoon Remake Mod in multiplayer using Fduke.jar

Platoon Remake in multiplayer, in Platoon Episode PLT_E1L1 up PLT_E1L6 work only in CO-OP mode and Epsisode PLT_E2L1 up PLT_E2L7 work only in Dukematch. Work in Dukematch and co-op with all Duke  Nukem Episode and Custom maps. Download all include

  PlatoonTC_remake.zip (50,1 MiB, 13 hits)

to Multiplayer use Fduke.jar as Launcher http://www.duke.nukem.com.br/?p=503

platoonremake-1 platoonremake-2co-op-modeplatoonremake-3 platoonremake-5 platoonremake-7




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Play Platoon Mod multiplayer with Fduke32 multiplayer

Platoon version 1.1B is a total conversion (TC) add-on for Duke Nukem 3D v1.3D.
The TC takes place in the Vietnam War. You are the lieutenant of
the 2nd Platoon, Company B. Your tour of duty takes you from the
fierce firefights in the jungle to the dark and booby-trapped
underground tunnel systems.

Platoon TC features:

* Duke Nukem is replaced by a real soldier
* Seven realistic new weapons
* A cool new inventory item for DukeMatch: Trip Flare
* Four new enemies
* Cool aircrafts which drop napalm and bombs
* 35 new sounds and lots of new graphics
* A new episode (6 maps) for Single Player/Cooperative play

You can Download Eduke32+Fduke32+Platoon Mod in this zip file are include Fduke32 and Platoon Mod ready to Play. or download this Eduke32.zip file if you want only EDuke32oldmp no Platoon mod include

  EDuke32.zip (18,6 MiB, 15 hits)

in both download above to play in multiplayer on Internet you need the launcher Fduke.jar download it and save to same game folder Fduke32+Platoon mod or Eduke32 folder, now you ready to play online, just click in Fduke.jar and call players to join

  Eduke32_Fduke32_Platoon.zip (44,7 MiB, 10 hits)

more information about Fduke.jar http://www.duke.nukem.com.br/?p=503

fduke32mp-linux-18 fduke32mp-linux-19 fduke32mp-linux-20 fduke32mp-linux-21 fduke32mp-linux-22

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AWOL Project work with Fduke32

The AWOL Project Source Demo is the files from an unfinished TC work with Fduke32. It is for version 1.4/1.5 and needs the Fduke32 port. It has 4 demo levels. The file is 6.2MB in size. There are 2 rar files, the TC and a patch. AWOL would have made a very interesting TC based I what I see in these demo levels. You have a squad to lead and can give them commands like heal or call in a air strike. There is also a helicopter you can fly, a jeep you can drive, and a tank you can drive and shoot different weapons from. There are a few enemies on levels 3 and 4 to fight. It’s worth a look if only to drive the tank and fly the helicopter.

  awol_Fduke32.zip (27,1 MiB, 22 hits)

awol-15 awol-17 awol-18




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Command and Conquer TC Fduke32 mod

Command and Conquer TC Source Demo is for version 1.4/1.5. It has 18 levels and the file is 8.1MB in size. Command and Conquer TC Source Demo contains the files from the canceled C&C project. Some of the levels are finished and some unfinished but playable. They have been made into 2 episodes with the third episode being random maps. They contain new music, sounds, art, levels, weapons and enemies. I played through all of episode 1 and part of episode 2. Episode 1 was pretty easy for the most part. Episode 2 on the other hand seems much harder. This demo is worth checking out.

  C_CTC_Fduke32.zip (27,1 MiB, 11 hits)




CCTC_Eduke32-8 CCTC_Eduke32-7


CCTC_Eduke32-17 CCTC_Eduke32-20 CCTC_Eduke32-23

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Eduke32 MOD Infestation in Time

New Total convertion made by Zykov Eddy: IIT (Infestation in Time) TC – eDuke32 only! Warning! Play this TC only without OGG music patch! (without duke3d_mus.zip) Last official HRP only. Info: 6 Brand New Episodes (+ demonstration map). + some test maps in IITTC.ZIP Mod is fully build for eduke32. May be played without HRP. Installation : Unzip files from IIT.ZIP in your Eduke 32 folder and run IITTC.BAT Hope you’ll like it

To run in Linux use command line


if you using Windows run the file IITTC.BAT

  Eduke32_Infestation_MOD.zip (92,7 MiB, 9 hits)









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Game Hollywood Invaders APP for Android

Hollywood Invaders is a game like a “space invaders” for Android



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